Bodhisattva Yoga

Engaged social action requires healthy, strong and balanced personal foundations. For the last 25 years, yoga and meditation have allowed me to serve in the world, helping to build and maintain the strength, clarity and sense of purpose required to get through even the most difficult times. ‘Bodhisattva Yoga’ is inspired by the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, a commitment  to reduce suffering and to contribute to collective liberation. As an experienced Vinyasa yoga teacher (I qualified with Cyndi Lee, OM Yoga Center New York in 2007), I have been trained by the world’s leading teachers and scholars, including in Varanasi, Union Square, Kreutzberg, and Camden. I have taught yoga and meditation in New York, Bukavu, London, Antananarivo,  Geneva, Annecy, and now online.

Community Practice Online

, Join me and yoga practitioners from across the world for online classes via Zoom. Together, we harness our breath and our physical strength through fluidly sequenced postures and pranayama. The focus of these classes is alignment and balance, stability and stamina, flexibility and resilience. 

Our next online classes will be held on Wednesday 17 August, 24 August and 7 September 2022, from 18:00-19:00 (Central European Summer Time, CEST).  

Our next Strength and Grace  Weekly Morning Challenge (06:30-07:00 CEST) will run from Monday 5 September- Friday 9 September 2022. 

Pay according to your means via the link below. Your ticket will generate your Zoom link for the class:

Resilience at work

Work in the pandemic-era is finding new types of normal, self-care and balance are more important to cultivate than ever before. I support individuals and companies in designing well-being approaches to sustain and support health.

Free Warrior Sequences

You might also try these short video sequences recorded during the first Covid-19 lockdown to get us on mats and to continue the practice.