Bodhisattva Yoga

Engaged social action requires healthy, strong and balanced personal foundations. For the last 25 years, yoga and meditation have allowed me to serve in the world, helping to build and maintain the strength, clarity and sense of purpose required to get through even the most difficult times. ‘Bodhisattva Yoga’ is inspired by the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, a commitment  to reduce suffering and to contribute to collective liberation. As an experienced Vinyasa yoga teacher (I qualified with Cyndi Lee, OM Yoga Center New York in 2007), I have been trained by the world’s leading teachers and scholars, including in Varanasi, Union Square, Kreutzberg, and Camden. I have taught yoga and meditation in New York, Bukavu, London, Antananarivo,  Geneva, Annecy, and now online. 

Mindfulness Meditation

As part of my ongoing training with the world-renowned Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Programme (MMTCP) with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, I will be running two free trainings in May and June 2024.

These trainings are designed for individuals working in the sectors of international aid and human rights.

Option 1 is a 6-weekly, one-hour online mindfulness meditation session, from 12:30- 13:30 (Central European Summer Time), beginning Friday 17 May and ending Friday 21 June 2024. Attendance at all 6 sessions and completion of a student feedback form is required. 

Option 2 is a one-day in-person retreat in Annecy, France, on Friday 28 June 2024. This retreat will include guided meditation practice, mindful movement practices in nature, and a picnic lunch. Space is limited to 8 people.

Registration is now open. Confirmation and additional information will be sent by email once you have registered. 


Private Practice

In addition to the above group sessions, I am also available for 1-1 in person or live video sessions. To request a date and time, please email via the the button below.

Free Warrior Sequences

You might also try these short video sequences recorded during the first Covid-19 lockdown to get us on mats and to continue the practice.