The Myth of International Protection By Claudia Seymour

The Myth of International Protection

My research investigates the ethics of international engagement, resilience to all forms of violence, and how we engage with conflict, adversity and peace.  With more than twenty years of experience working with the United Nations, various protection-focused international NGOs and policy think-tanks, I now teach and write on these topics, integrating practical experience with academic theory, a version of applied research and academic activism. My current research project, Balancing on the Margins, incorporates both my study of resilience and the practice of yoga and meditation. Through ‘observant participation’ and engaged ethnography in the place I now call home, I am working with young migrants, volunteers and human rights activists  to promote well-being and acceptance of oneself and others.

Finding Our Way: A study of unaccompanied minors and volunteer support in Annecy

Lake Aid is delighted to announce the publication of Claudia Seymour’s report ‘Finding Our Way: A study of unaccompanied minors and volunteer support in Annecy’.

Applied researcher and academic, Claudia Seymour, spent 7 months interviewing unaccompanied minors, Lake Aid volunteers, associations and local government actors, in order to build a picture of life in Annecy for both the children and the people that help them. Claudia notes: “Migration has become such a polarized political issue, yet this report is, above all, a story about the humanity that brings us together.”