Bodhisattva Yoga

I am a global citizen, recovering humanitarian and applied social researcher. I have survived the frontlines of multiple conflicts as an international child protection worker, pushed through a doctoral thesis to understand how people cope with violence, and now study and write about how inequality and structural violence can be transformed through individual, everyday actions. 

I am also a yoga teacher, trained by the world’s best teachers and scholars, including in Varanasi, Union Square, Kreutzberg, and Camden. I have practiced yoga seriously for more than 25 years, and qualified as a Vinyasa yoga teacher in 2007 with Cyndi Lee at the prestigious OM Yoga Centre in New York. I have taught yoga across the world, from New York, to Bukavu, to London, to Antananarivo, to Geneva, to Annecy and now online.

Yoga and meditation have been foundational practices that have allowed me to serve in the world, helping me to build and maintain the strength, clarity and sense of purpose required to get through even the most difficult times. My approach to ‘Bodhisattva Yoga’ is inspired by the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, whereby a Bodhisattva serves the world to reduce suffering and to contribute to collective liberation.

Through in-person yoga classes in Annecy, online classes, retreats, and one-on-one programmes, I offer tools to reinforce your strength and to recharge your energies. I teach you how to harness your breath and your physical strength through fluidly sequenced postures. With a focus on alignment and balance, we reinforce stability and stamina, flexibility and resilience. I also guide you through mindfulness meditation–a contemplative practice that allows us to increase our awareness and to cultivate our capacity to experience the present moment. 

Interactive online yoga classes

I offer a selection of possibilities to integrate the practice and benefits of yoga and meditation into your everyday life,

Class schedule: 

Monday Morning Power Flow 6:30-7:00 (CET)

Wednesday Morning Vinyasa Flow 9:00-10:00 (CET)

Friday Lunchtime Power Flow 12:30-13:15 (CET)

As well as your mat, a yoga strap, blanket, and blocks will be helpful. 

A one-time intake conversation with each new student will help me adapt my teaching to your specific needs, and especially to be aware of any relevant health conditions that will have an impact on your practice, including past injuries or pregnancy.

10€ one hour class 

9€ 45-minute class

7€ 30-minute class

50€ monthly unlimited subscription

Bespoke individual and group packages available

Resilience at work

Work in the pandemic-era is finding new types of normal, self-care and balance are more important to cultivate than ever before. I support individuals and companies in designing well-being approaches to sustain and support health.


What better way to start 2021 than with accompanied daily yoga practice? For 5 mornings starting on 4 January we will come together on our mats for 25 minutes of rigorous Vinyasa flow.

Join us online from 4 January – 8 January from 6:35-7:00.


Classes in Annecy

In-person classes in Annecy will resume as soon as its safe. Please join us on Zoom, or practice on your own: physical health and well-being one of the most important ways of taking care of yourself and preventing illness.

Free YouTube Videos

My YouTube Warrior Training series was created to support my yoga students during the first phase of the Covid-19 lockdown. Short daily sequences to get us on mats and to continue the practice so that we can strengthen our capacities to cope wth uncertainty and to stay healthy.